History in the making

Last Saturday, Ross Graham Bay was ordained as a bishop and installed as the eleventh Bishop of Auckland, thus following in a line of bishops of Auckland that started with George Augustus Selwyn in 1841, followed by WG Cowie, MR Neligan, OTL Crossley, AW Averill, WJ Simkin, EA Gowing, PA Reeves, BC Gilberd and JC Paterson. (Selwyn’s title was Bishop of New Zealand, with the Diocese of Auckland only coming into being with the installation of Bishop Cowie, but Auckland was a part of his responsibility

Although the major records of the Auckland bishops are held by the Archives of the Auckland Diocese rather than us, we do get the third copy of the ordination [consecration] certificate for safekeeping, a practice started by Bishop Selwyn with the setting up of what he called the Metropolitan Registry.  Most Bishop’s certificates for all dioceses are held, as well as any supporting publicity, and orders of service.


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