Early Church Missionary Society publications

The Missionary Field in New Zealand has now faithful Labourers to cultivate it: and we may hope for the Divine Blessing. God has been very gracious to them all. The Mission has now been established about thirteen years; and no man, woman, or child, who were sent out to the work, has died or had a bone broken; though living in the midst of cannibals.

The Missionary Register, 1828, p.618 (BV 2361 MIS).

The above extract is an example of the information relating to their New Zealand mission in the Register.

Publications of the Church Missionary Society held in the Library include their monthly ‘Church Mission Register’,1813 – 1855(BV 2361 MIS); the ‘Missionary register, extracts relating to New Zealand’ 1823–1842 (BV 2361 M1S); and ‘the Church Missionary Intelligencer and record; a monthly journal of Missionary Information’, 1849 – 1927 (BV 2500 CHU: MIC 023).
The Missionary Registers typically contain a ‘biography’ section; a ‘proceedings and intelligence’ section which includes surveys of the missionary stations throughout the world and ‘recent miscellaneous intelligence’ which at times includes engravings.

For example ‘The Reinga New Zealand engraving featured appeared in the March 1842 issue, with the following description:

‘The Engraving …. gives a View of the Reinga, the north-western extremity of the Northern Island of New Zealand, and the entrance, as the poor Natives suppose, to the place of departed spirits. From the Journal of Mr W. R. Wade, who made the drawing ….’

Our next post will concern ‘the Church Missionary Intelligencer and record’ journal.

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One thought on “Early Church Missionary Society publications

  1. Hi, Is there is any documentation that gives details about the history of various CMS publications. This blog post and this page (http://www.cms-uk.org/Resources/LibraryArchives/Archives/TabId/194/ArtMID/3826/ArticleID/608/In-Oxford.aspx) of CMS-UK has some details. But I am looking for more details.

    I found that even the history of CMS by Eugene Stock is not telling anything about the history of CMS publications. I feel it will be good if we have some research on this area.


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