About the blog

The “Fossick…in our collections” blog is a small part of wider preparations for the 2014 bi-centenary of the Anglican Church in New Zealand.  It was created and is maintained by the staff of the John Kinder Theological Library.  We aim to showcase the breadth and depth of the library’s archival content, and engage with a wider audience online.

The John Kinder Theological Library holds unique resources (unique to theological libraries, archives and heritage repositories in N.Z and the world).  This blog will make available some of the content turned up in our regular research for clients as well as our own contributions as professional librarians.

This blog is also a pilot for other theological libraries in New Zealand to demonstrate the pros and cons of this communications format.


About the library

The John Kinder Theological Library is the library and archive for the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia Te Hahi Mihinare ki Aotearoa ki Niu Tireni, ki Nga Moutere o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa. It was formerly known as the Kinder Library, St John’s Theological College.

The collection includes 85,000 books, DVDs, CDs and some older audio and video tapes, as well as both print and electronic copies of journals.  Most resources are in the subject areas of Biblical study, theology, ministry, Anglicanism, church history, missions and pastoral care.  There are smaller collections of Maori and Pacific resources, and extensive print and archive and manuscript collections in church history for New Zealand and parts of the Pacific.

The Library is a resource for the whole Anglican Church, not just for St John’s College.  It also holds the former library from Trinity Methodist Theological College which has been on the St John’s College campus since 1973.  The library is also a resource for the Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Hahi Weteriana O Aotearoa.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I am trying to authenticate the existance of a brass statue of Bishop Selwyn that would have been founded inLondon and passed through Auckland in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s on route to the Soloman Islands. I tried to find a site on the melanesian church website but to no avail. Vicki Cox


    1. Hi Vicki

      I am interested in the statue you found. Is it in London presently? I am based at UCL and I am currently researching the Melanesian Mission collections.

      All the best




  2. Hi my name is kellie lendich great great great granddaughter of reverend renata wiremu kaitangata (tangata) whom married harata tiarete they had one child mereana tangata also known as mary-ann leonard mereana was the first maori registered nurse in NZ whom before hand harata was married to rota waitoa whom had two children perepetua and wiremu Iharaira,
    would be grateful with any information about renata tangata he was ordained by bishop selwyn or infromation on harata tiarete
    Kind regard Kellie lendich


  3. hi, Andy Rutherford enquiring about Cec Marshall. He married us in the wellington Hospital chapel nearly 40 years ago & we would like to make contact with him for our anniversary 17 March this year, blessings, Andy


    1. Hi Andy, apologies but we do not have contact information for Cecil Marshall as these archives were donated to us through an intermediary. Regards, Nick (Archivist at JKTL).


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